Estonian Museum of Natural History


Original name(s)
    Institution Address

    Lai, 29A
    10133  Tallinn
    EE - Estonia

    Type of organisation

    Institution Address

    Lai, 29A
    10133 Tallinn
    EE - Estonia

    Museum (State)

    Director Representative

    MissHeidi Vilu


    +372 641 1739

    Structure Chart

    Governing & Executive bodies

    Estonian Museum of Natural History belongs in the administrative area of the Ministry of the Environment and is under surveillance by Minister of the Environment.

    Staff fields

    scientific staff collections permanent: 9.0.staff administrative non permanent: 1.0.staff administrative permanent: 6.0.staff collection managers technicians non permanent: 24.0.staff collection managers technicians permanent: 1.0.staff exhibitions non permanent: 2.0.staff exhibitions permanent: 7.0;staff total: 50.0

    Membership fields

    Full member

    General Description

    • Monitoring of protected vascular plants and bryophytes Research page
    • Atlas of the Estonian vascular plants fieldwork
    • Early to Mid-Palaeozoic fauna
    • Monitoring of vagrant species (Coleoptera, Lepidoptera) of Estonia

    Research Fields

    • Vascular plants of temperate zone
    • Bryophytes
    • Lichens
    • Coleoptera
    • Lepidoptera
    • Zooplankton
    • Mammals, Birds, Molluscs of temperate zone
    • Fish fauna of a brackish water
    • Early to Mid Paleozoic fauna

    Research Initiative

    On-line outreach activitie : : [['No']]
    other outreach activitie : : ['The museum offers specially designed curriculum-based nature education classes, which makes it easy to conduct interesting school lessons in the museum, guided tours for groups and individuals. Lectures can be ordered from the biologists and geologists of the museum on a wide variety of topics.']
    Non academic trainings : : ['There are vast number of museum programmes for schools and nursery schools, mostly curriculum-based.']
    Academic trainings : : ['Museum´s specialists are involved in supervising graduate students.']
    General description : : ['There are some short termed work additional training carried out together with Estonian Environmental Board for civil servants.']


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