Meise Botanic Garden

Botanical Garden

Original name(s)

  • Plantentuin Meise (nl - Dutch; Flemish)
  • Jardin botanique de Meise (fr - French)
  • Botanischen Garten Meise (de - German)
Institution Address

Nieuwelaan 38
1860  Meise
BE - Belgium

Type of organisation

Institution Address

Nieuwelaan 38
1860 Meise
BE - Belgium

Botanical Garden (Public)

Director Representative

Dr.Steven Dessein


0032 (0)2 2600926

Structure Chart

Governing & Executive bodies

There are two legal bodies associated with the Botanic Garden Meise: a board of directors and a scientific committee. The composition is as follows: Board of directors: Mark Andries (government delegate), Steven Dessein (secretariat), Veronique Halloin Chantal, Kaufmann, Jan Rammeloo (president), Jan Schaerlaekens, Raf Suys (government delegate), Ann Van Dievoet, Mieke Van Gramberen, Yorie Vastersavendts, Mieke Verbeken, Renate Wesselingh Scientific committee: Geert Angenon, Elke Bellefroid, Petra De Block, Frederik De Laender, Jérôme Degreef, Régine Fabri, Olivier Honnay, Pete Lowry, Pierre Meerts, Ivan Nijs, Claire Périlleux, Erik Smets, Annemieke Verbeken, Renate Wesselingh

Staff fields

scientific staff associated: 0.0.scientific staff collections non permanent: 3.0.scientific staff collections permanent: 5.0.scientific staff non permanent: 13.0.scientific staff permanent: 20.0.scientific staff post doc non permanent: 1.0.staff administrative non permanent: 46.0.staff administrative permanent: 35.0.staff collection managers technicians non permanent: 13.0.staff collection managers technicians permanent: 53.0.staff exhibitions non permanent: 1.0.staff exhibitions permanent: 4.0;staff total: 181.0

Membership fields

Full member

General Description

Mission statement: Building a sustainable future through discovery, research and conservation of plants. Research page Activity programmes: Discovering and recording biodiversity Safeguarding life Understanding ecosystems (Re)connecting plants and people Inspiring and informing Bringing our heritage to life Research Field Objects: Taxonomy: European flora, African flora, African fungi and lichens, diatoms Plant conservation: wild relatives of beans, Belgian flora, flora of copper mines Ecology: habitat restoration, monitoring water quality through diatom research Ethnomycology: edible mushrooms in Africa Links to Annual Reports

Research Fields

  • Belgian and European flora
  • African flowering plants and fungi
  • Diatoms of the world

Research Initiative

On-line outreach activitie : : [['No']]
other outreach activitie : : [['We offer guided tours, adapted day visits for all school children, and special workshops that fit within the Belgian education program.']]
Non academic trainings : : [['Not in a formal way.']]
Academic trainings : : ['Yes, some of our scientists are guest professor at universities.']
General description : : [['No']]


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