The Natural History Museum Rotterdam

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    • Marine mammal paleontology: NMR studies fossil marine mammals from NW Europe (including North Sea and Westerschelde) in their own collection and in other collections.
    • Bird ecology: Specimen-based research into ecology, distribution and biology of birds in NW Europe and particularly the area surrounding Rotterdam.
    • Mammal paleontology: NMR studies fossil mammals from NW Europe (including North Sea) in their own collection and in other collections.
    • Urban ecology: The urban ecology research unit of the Natural History Museum Rotterdam, Bureau Stadsnatuur, is widely deployable in the field of urban ecology. They conduct commissioned and their own original research into protected species, inventory the biodiversity of areas, and provide ecological guidance and advice for projects.

    Research Fields

    • Marine mammal paleontology
    • Bird ecology
    • Mammal paleontology
    • Urban ecology

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