Final citizen science event for LIFE MIPP (Monitoring of Insects with Public Participation)

24th May, 2017 to 26th May, 2017
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LIFE MIPP, a project that monitors saproxylic beetle populations (Osmoderma eremit, Lucanus cervus, Cerambyx cerdo, Rosalia alpina and Morimus funereus) by enlisting volunteers to gather data on the population size and conservation status of insects, will hold its closing conference in the northern Italian city of Mantua (Mantova).
MIPP stands for monitoring of insects with public participation, and this final meeting, to be held on 24-26 May 2017, will focus on the monitoring of saproxylic beetles and other insects protected in the European Union.

The project’s aim is to follow the example of several European countries that have developed guidelines for the monitoring of insect species listed in annexes II and IV of the Habitats Directive.

The project has adopted a ‘citizen science’ approach to expanding the data available about the five target species, by encouraging walkers, naturalists and others living near the four Natura 2000 network sites included in the project to report what they find. A smartphone app has been developed to enable volunteers to submit information.

The project is also making innovative use of canine olfaction by deploying a trained dog to seek out the pheromones emitted by one of the target species, Osmoderma eremita, to develop a comprehensive map of the species’ distribution in the project area.

The scientific programme for the workshop can be accessed here. On the same website you will also find information about venue and registration.

Salone Mantegnesco Fondazione Università di Mantova
Via Scarsellini 2