CETAF Events

CETAF, its Members and the worldwide taxonomic community are active players who organise many events of international relevance, in very wide variety of platforms and formats, including from conferences and lectures, seminars, workshops and training courses.

In addition, and complementing the range of events geared towards specialist scientists and policy makers, natural science, exhibitions of natural history and botany are keystone events that help disseminate science and knowledge of nature among the general public. In fact, exhibitions underline the necessity for the global society to commit and engage with science .

The Events presented here are classified into three different categories:

1. Exhibitions, which focus on current relevant issues, that are of interest and aim to motivate the general audience to get increasingly involved with the scientific process, and act upon its discoveries.

2. Trainings, that comprise all actions under which capacity and expertise are built, including seminars and workshops, among others.

3. Conferences, a generic identifier for all types of public sessions and meetings, on a certain subject, either accessible to an open audience, or restricted to a certain number of registered participants.

A fourth category of events, the General Assembly of CETAF, takes place twice per year and is exclusively restricted to CETAF Members and their staff.

The events below highlight the importance of our scientific work and its connection and synergies with other related fields. Please find below the event of your interest, in chronological order, within the field of taxonomy, systematic biology, and related disciplines.


  • Global Taxonomy Initiative Forum 2020

    02nd Dec, 2020 to 04th Dec, 2020
    Event type 
    Symposium - Seminar

    The CETAF Executive Committee is delighted to announce CETAF's participation in the upcoming Global Taxonomy Initiative Forum, organised by the CBD secretariat and hosted by the Museum für Naturkunde (one of CETAF's founding institutions), virtually, from the 2 to the 4th December 2020.

    The three-day GTI Forum will consist of an opening symposium on Best practices and challenges of the GTI in achieving the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, followed by two days of workshops.
    The workshops will focus on the following themes: The GTI 2021-2030 activities to support Parties’ achievement of the post-2020 biodiversity targets and The GTI 2021-2030 activities to enhance education, public engagement and collaboration between governments and taxonomic institutions, respectively.

    CETAF was invited to contribute actively in the GTI forum by the CBD, in concertation with the host institution. The CETAF Executive Director, Ana Casino, will attend the meeting upon invitation and CETAF's representative in the GTI Forum (M. Price) is a selected resource person approved by the SBSTTA bureau, who will contribute to drafting the outcomes of the meeting that will be published as CBD Technical Series #96 in 2021. A number of directors and scientists from CETAF member institutions will also be participating in the event, either as invited participants or in their roles as national focal points.

    CETAF participation in the upcoming GTI Forum builds on the foundations established in 2018 with the CETAF Bratislava Declaration on the 2050 Vision of the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Joint statement from the Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities (CETAF) and Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)Taxonomy in the post-2020 Framework for Biodiversity: underpinning the 2050 Vision for Living in Harmony with Nature that were submitted to the CBD secretariat on the 15th November 2018 as well as the CETAF workshop "CETAF vision for taxonomy and systematics research in 2030" that was held in CETAF Bratislava GB Meeting on the 14-15th November 2018.

    The CBD indicates that "the Forum will be held as an open-ended event, filled with the selected participants and anyone who wishes to contribute with the information on the works undertaken 2021-2020 to remove taxonomic impediment at all levels is welcome.

    With such information, we support the process on technical and scientific cooperation to be considered at its third meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Implementation, and later the implementation on the ground in support of the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework to be adopted at the Conference of Parties at its 15th meeting. Those who have been using or wish to use taxonomic tools for the implementation of NBSAPs and the Convention at all levels will also be welcomed to join the Forum. 

    Participants are invited to pre-register at https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/4571897302356263436 before 23 November 2020.

    We are looking forward to the GTI Forum meeting in a few weeks, and in collaborating with the CBD and the Museum für Naturkunde in the framework of this important event.

    Supporting document to the meeting and more information are available on CBD Secretariat website.

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