DataCite 5th Annual Conference

25th Aug, 2014 to 26th Aug, 2014
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DataCite organizes its 5th Annual Conference & Special Anniversary Celebration.

This year’s theme, Giving Value to Data: Advocacy, Guidance, Services will highlight recent developments in the discovery, access and reuse of research data. The conference will celebrate the dramatic advances made in the way the research community works with data since minting the first DOI for data a decade ago. This is underscored by DataCite minting its 3,000,000th DOI (Digital Object Identifier) earlier this year.
Experts around the world will cover the latest developments, new services, reflections rooted in experience, and current projects.
Conference topics will cover:

• Data Policies, Advocacy, and Impact on Practice
• Services to Support Researchers and their Data
• Collaboration to Advance the State of the Art
• Data Citation in Context
• Infrastructures for Data Management



French Institute for Scientific and Technical Information