From Cabinet to Internet: Digitising Natural History and Medical Manuscripts

27th Apr, 2015 to 28th Apr, 2015
Linnean Society of London - Digitising Natural History and Medical Manuscripts
Event type 
Symposium - Seminar


The field of digital humanities has transformed the ways in which researchers look at manuscripts and letters: online editions are now accompanied by rich metadata, which facilitates research; digitised images mean that users can zoom in on details that previously needed good eyesight and a magnifying glass; and crowdsourcing ensures that collaborative work not only involves academics working amongst themselves, but that it also inclusively embraces the knowledge and the enthusiasm of members of the general public.

This workshop brings together academics and cultural sector professionals who work on projects specifically involving digitisation of correspondence and manuscripts related to natural history and medicine, from the 16th to the 19th century. They will present these projects and discuss ideas and practices, such as technological issues, collaboration and coordination between related projects, as well as developing areas of digital humanities, such as crowdsourcing.


Registration (£30 or £20 for students) & programme here.



Burlington House (London)
United Kingdom