Bulgarian National Engagement Event on Biodiversity Collections

06th Apr, 2017
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On April 6th, the CETAF General Secretary, Ana Casino, will be participating and talking at a national engagement meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria in relation to the integration of biodiversity collections. The aim of this nationale engagement event is to raise awareness with the stakeholders about the scientific importance of the biodiversity research collections maintained by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, as well as to discuss the importance of the recognition of the biodiversity collections as research infrastructure of European and national strategic value. Moreover, further steps will be discussed for a better integration of the national biodiversity collections in the European Research Area.

During this morning event, the main topics, among others, will relate to the Bulgarian biodiversity collections as part of a national research infrastructure and the implementation and support to DiSSCo within the CETAF context. 


Leventis Room - National Museum of Natural History
1 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd