Brain storming session on "Earth science in CETAF"

13th Oct, 2014
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On behalf of Arne Bjørlykke, the Director of the Natural History Museum. University of Oslo (Norway), we would like to inform you on the following event that will take place in Vienna, on the 13th October, 2014, the day before our next General Meeting (CETAF36).

We hereby invite you to collaborate and make your contributions that will help us to enhance and produce  the final Program of this Workshop before 1st September 2014.

Brain storming session on "Earth science in CETAF"

Natural history Museums and Earth Science. An introduction

AIMS: Explore the state of the art in earth science. Discuss the role of earth sciences in CETAF

The topics for debate and discussion will be the following ones:

  1. Earth science collections
    - Digitalization
    - Databases
    - Cooperation
  2. Earth Science research in Natural History Museums
    Scientific cooperation - initiation of EU projects
  3. Exhibitions - from systematic to story telling:
  • Evolution of life
  • Climate change and other environmental issues
  • The Dynamic Earth
  1. Cooperation with other organisations - Eurogeosurvey?


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For more information, you may also contact directly to Arne Bjørlykke ( or his assistant Elisabeth Aronsen  (

Naturhistorisches Museum Wien
Burgring 7