BioVeL: In Practice and in Future

13th Nov, 2014
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Tuesday, 15 July, 2014

This one-day event aims to share perspectives and efforts devoted to build a virtual laboratory for biodiversity research. BioVEL will also present their plans for the future, based on the experience gained and the results obtained from this project conceived as a pilot implementation of some of the core ideas from the LifeWatch Preparatory Phase. In the past three years BioVEL has worked with the biodiversity research community to construct, test, and revise some essential elements of a robust e-infrastructure for biodiversity and ecosystem research.

The event will be structured around the 3 key goals that encapsulate the BIH2013 initiative.
1) Integration: Making better use of existing data and tools.
2) Cooperation: Working together towards a global biosphere model.
3) Promotion: Informatics leadership to serve the needs of science and policy.

Institut Océanographique
195 rue Saint Jacques
Paris 5e