Biodiversity Week

18th May, 2020 to 22nd May, 2020
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In the year 2000, the United Nations proclaimed May 22 as the International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issue.


In 2020, the IDB is expanding into a Biodiversity Week full of events to demonstrate why IDB in 2020 is different from previous years.

2020 is a year of opportunity and solutions. It is the year where the world can signal a strong global framework that will “bend the curve” on biodiversity loss.

2020 will mark the convergence of several pivotal moments that together can lead to a new long-term global biodiversity framework.

It is the Super Yearthat will witness:


The final period for the 2011-2020 Strategic Plan on Biodiversity and its 20 Aichi Biodiversity Targets;

The end of the 2011-2020 United Nations Decade on Biodiversity, leading to the transitional phase for the start of other new pivotal biodiversity-related decades for the period 2021-2030: the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Developmentand the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration;

The grand UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15 Fifteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity);

The adoption of the new, innovative, transformative,and universal global biodiversity framework based on negotiations that will take place during the year.As part of a comprehensive communication strategy, the CBD Secretariat, working with Parties, UN entities and other partners around the world, will enhance the usual celebrations of the International Day for Biodiversity (IDB) on 22 May, and will celebrate a Biodiversity Week1from 18 to 22 May 2020. Each day will highlight interconnected topics related to the biodiversity agenda.


The themes to be covered from 18 to 22 May 2020 are key elements of the biodiversity agenda:



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