45th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland

31st Aug, 2015 to 04th Sep, 2015
Ecological Society of Germany
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The guiding theme of the 45th Annual Meeting is "Ecology for a Sustainable Future". Along the lines of this guiding theme, we will stimulate scientific discussions on basic and applied ecological topics as well as on nature conservation and management.

Special focus will be given to:

  • Species, populations and ecosystems (e.g. interactions, competition, adaption, survival, community assembly, past and current pattern, all types of ecosystems)
  • ecosystem functioning (e.g. ecosystem services, processes and functions, ecological dynamics)
  • global change effects (e.g. climate change, land use change, nutrient deposition, invasive species, mitigation, effects on biodiversity)
  • impact of land use (biodiversity, ecosystem functions, restoration ecology, sustainable land management)
  • conservation approaches (e.g. linking ecological knowledge to nature conservation, environmental education, sustainability, community conservation, socio-ecological approaches, policy advice)

45th ESGAS

More info: http://www.gfoe-2015.de/